Bacone College is proud to call Muskogee in the Muscogee Creek Nation home.Many of the college’s programs and services excel due the experience of volunteers from the local community. Listed below are ways in which you can get involved with Bacone.

 Art Conservation and Preservation project- Bacone’s art collection expands over 70 years. The Bacone Collection is embodiment of the college’s poignant past and represents the richness of our alumni as well as the range of the artists that have established the international art form known as the Bacone School of painting and printmaking. Over the next year Bacone will update our collection care and move to digitize this extensive collection in order to motivate, education and inspire future generations. If you are interested in helping with the preservation efforts please contact us at: development@bacone.edu

  Art School relocation- Home of the international art style, the Bacone school of painting and printmaking, the art school is being given an face lift. Originally housed in McCombs hall the art school now needs room to grow and thrive. We are seeking volunteers that can help finish the new art school. If you would like to help with the new art school please contact us at: development@bacone.edu

Sponsorship opportunities available

 Volunteer In Mission (VIM) is a program that matches your organization’s motivation and ability to serve the greatest area of need. Bacone offers the unique opportunity for groups and individuals to come to campus and be part of the Bacone community. We believe that everyone is given a gift that they are able to share. An act of kindness, no matter how small, is never forgotten. This past summer we had over 160 mission volunteers help with dorm repainting, planting flowers, building construction and art conservation. Please contact us if you or your organization is interested in helping to enrich our student’s lives at development@bacone.edu or (918) 781-7271.