Giving to the College

Your investment in Bacone helps to turn dreams into reality by providing  educational opportunities, helping to grow programs that make a difference in the 21st century.

Ongoing Capital Projects

Ataloa Lodge Museum - Built in 1932, this art lodge has long housed the Bacone College Art & Artifact Collection. Bacone is working to restore the lodge to its former glory, put the collection back on display and open again to the public. Some of the needs include windows, roof repairs or replacement, outside wood repair, painting, and display cases. Because the lodge is now on the National Register of Historic Places, Bacone is working carefully to ensure this historical building is restored well.

Bacone College Memorial Chapel - Only the basement remains from the original chapel after a fire devastated it in 1991. The church was rebuilt then, but after 25 years is in need of repair and restoration. In addition, a storm in December blew out the stained glass windows in the steeple, letting 10 inches of water drench the interior. The steeple has been repaired, and a generous donation from the Pershing L. and Mary B. Mann Trust will cover some of the stained glass windows. The floors have been replaced in the basement, but more repairs are needed throughout this heart of the Bacone campus, including window repairs, flooring in the chapel, furnishings, and more.

Wacoche Hall - Built as the first Bacone College cafeteria, this beautiful, historical building is now used today for special gatherings for the college and the community. Wacoche has received new flooring, and other restorations, but is still in need of new stairs, wheelchair access, remodeled bathrooms and much more.