Spiritual Life


Almon C. Bacone founded Bacone College for the education of Native Americans according to Christian principles. The college has retained its Christian heritage but now meets the needs of Native American students in a multicultural setting. Christian principles are emphasized at Bacone in order to assist students in their growth toward wholeness. However, there is no attempt to seek religious conformity from faculty, staff or students. Individuals are given the freedom to develop their own spiritual insights.

The Bacone student, faculty or staff member can deepen his/her spiritual life by attending Bacone Hour every Tuesday at 3:00 P.M. This hour is set-aside weekly for the Bacone community to gather together in Bacone's historic and beautiful chapel for an hour of spiritual renewal. Students may also attend any one of a number of Bible Study groups that meets throughout the week at various places on campus. Bacone is also committed to an academic study of the Christian faith.

All students are required to take at least one religion course. Students may take courses in Old or New Testament, the Life of Christ, or the Life of the Apostle Paul. A course on World Religions is offered as well. Bacone was founded as a Christian institution and continues to be dedicated to the pursuit of truth within the atmosphere of the Christian tradition.



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