Campus Conduct Hotline

Bacone College wants to make its campus a safer more pleasant environment. If you are dealing with or are concerned with any of the following please use the Campus Conduct Hotline:

  • Safety and facility risk issues?
  • Security and Internet policy abuses?
  • Unethical business practices?
  • Code of Conduct violations?
  • Fraud?
  • Sexual Harassment?
  • Discrimination?
  • Workplace hostility?

Call Toll Free: 866-943-5787

The Campus Conduct Hotline significantly reduces Bacone College's risks and helps support our community.

  • Safe, confidential, anonymous
  • Accessible 24/7, toll-free
  • Concerns reported without recrimination
  • Resolution focused - personal, sensitive, supportive
  • Phone specialists with Master's-level degree in social service
  • Language translation service available