Federal and State Grant Aid

Pell Grant: Up to $5,920 per year
The Federal Pell Grant is based on financial need and is available to undergraduate students only. The award amounts can change yearly. The amount that a student can receive is based not only on the financial need but also the cost of attendance and the enrollment status as full-time or part-time.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG): $500 per year
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG) is offered to full-time undergraduate students with demonstrated exceptional need as determined by the FAFSA. Awards are based on the student's application date and are made to Pell-eligible students who have submitted all requested documentation. Funds are limited, and students are encouraged to apply early and submit requested documents (such as tax returns) in a timely manner. Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress to be eligible for FSEOG.

Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant (OTAG): Up to $1,300 per year  
OTAG is a financial need based grant available to Oklahoma residents only. Students automatically apply for it by completing a FAFSA, and must be enrolled in at least half time. Students who have listed Bacone College on their FAFSA are selected by Oklahoma State Regents and reported to us. The Oklahoma State Regents may change the FAFSA completion deadline based on the amount of funds available and the number of students eligible for awards. Students who complete the FAFSA after March 15th may not receive funds from this program.

Oklahoma Tuition Equalization Grant (OTEG): Up to $2,000 per year
OTEG is also a financial need based grant available to Oklahoma residents only. There are specific rules from this scholarship and they are dictated by the Oklahoma State Regents.  Students automatically apply for it by completing a FAFSA, and must be enrolled full-time. The Oklahoma State Regents directs Bacone College on criteria and awarding practices.

Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Program (OHLAP): $ 175 per credit hour
OHLAP is a unique program set by the Oklahoma Legislature for eighth-, ninth- and 10th-grade students. Below are some of the requirements:  Oklahoma resident, enrolled in the eighth, ninth or 10th grade in an Oklahoma high school and student’s parents, custodians or guardians who earn less than $50,000 per year.  For the 2017-2018 year, the amount awarded for OHLAP students at Bacone College was $175 per credit hour (per credit dollar amount is coming from the OK State Regents Office).

Federal Work Study (FWS): Up to $1,600 per year
The FWS program is a financial need based program that provides part-time jobs on campus to help students earn money to pay for school. Students are paid at least minimum wage and the financial aid office determines the yearly amount awarded to the student. For the 2017-2018 year, the amount awarded is $1,600. The FWS program encourages community service and helps students gain valuable work experience while paying for their education.

Tribal Grant Aid

Tribal Grants: Higher ED Grants are provided to supplement financial assistance to eligible American Indian/Alaska Native students entering college seeking a baccalaureate degree. The Higher Education Grant Program is not an entitlement program. Students do not automatically receive funding because they are American Indian/Alaska Native. Students must meet certain criteria in order to apply for a Higher ED Grant. Bacone College receives tribal grants from over 25 different Indian tribes. All American Indian students are encouraged to apply with their respective tribes. Contact your tribes Higher Education Office or Administrator to apply for tribal scholarships and grants. You must be an enrolled tribal member in order to be considered for tribal assistance.  If you are not enrolled, contact the particular tribal government and apply for enrollment.  Bacone College recognizes both federal and state recognized tribes.  Below is a partial listing of tribes whose students have attended Bacone College:

Oklahoma Tribes    
Absentee Shawnee Tribe Ft. Sill Apache Tribe Peoria Tribe of Indians OK
(405) 275-4030 (580) 588-2298 (918) 540-2535
Fax (405) 275-1922 Fax (580) 588-3133 Fax (918) 540-2538
Alabama Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma Ponca Nation
(405) 452-3987 (405) 547-2402 (580) 762-8104
Fax (405) 452-3968 Fax (405) 547-5294 Fax (580) 762-2743
Apache Tribe Kaw Nation of Oklahoma Quapaw Tribe
(405) 247-9493 (580) 269-2552 (918) 542-1853
Fax (405) 247-2686 Fax (580) 269-2301 Fax (918) 542-4694
Caddo Tribe Kialegee Tribal Town Sac & Fox Nation
(405) 656-2344 (405) 452-3262 (918) 968-3526
Fax (405) 656-2892 Fax (405) 452-3413 Fax (918) 968-1142
Cherokee Nation Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma Seminole Nation
(918) 456-0671 (405) 964-2075 (405) 257-6287
Fax (918) 458-5580 Fax (405) 964-6211 Fax (405) 257-6205
Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribe Kiowa Tribe Seneca-Cayuga Tribes
(405) 262-0345 (580) 654-2300 (918) 542-6609
Fax (405) 262-6872 Fax (580) 654-2188 Fax (918) 542-3684
Chickasaw Nation Miami Nation Shawnee Tribe
(580) 436-2603 (918) 542-1445 (918) 542-2441
Fax (580) 436-4287 Fax (918) 542-7260 Fax (918) 542-2922
Choctaw Nation Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma Thlopthlocco Tribal Town
(580) 924-8280 (918) 542-1190 (918) 623-2620
Fax (580) 924-1150 Fax (918) 542-5415 Fax (918) 623-1810
Citizen Potawatomi Muscogee Creek Nation Tonkawa Tribe
(405) 275-3121 (918) 732-7600 (580) 628-2561
Fax (405) 275-0198 Fax (918) 758-1434 Fax (580) 628-3375
Comanche Nation Osage Tribe United Keetoowah Band of Cherokees
(580) 492-4988 (918) 287-5432 (918) 431-1818
Fax (580) 492-3796 Fax (918) 287-2257 Fax (918) 431-1873
Delaware Nation OTOE-Missouria Tribe Wichita & Affiliated Tribes
(405) 247-2448 (580) 723-4466 (405) 247-2425
Fax (405) 247-6329 Fax (580) 723-4273 Fax (405) 247-2430
Delaware Tribe of Indians Ottawa Tribe Wyandotte Nation
(918) 336-5272 (918) 540-1536 (918) 678-2297
Fax (918) 337-5513 Fax (918) 542-3214 Fax (918) 678-2944
Eastern Shawnee Tribe Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma Yuchi (Euchee) Tribe
(918) 666-2435 (918) 762-3621 (918) 224-3065
Fax (918) 666-2186 Fax (918) 762-6446 Fax (918) 224-3065
Out of State Tribes    
Mississippi Band of Choctaws   Seminole Tribe of Florida
(601) 650-7409   (877) 592-6537
Fax: (601) 650-7413   Fax: (954) 893-8856
Chehalis Tribe   Eastern Band of Cherokee
(360) 273-5911   (828) 497-4222
Fax: (360) 273-5914   Fax: (828) 497-9750
State Recognized Tribes of Virginia    

Chickahominy, Eastern Division(aka Eastern Chickahominy Indian Tribe)

(804) 966-7815

Mattaponi Tribe (aka Mattaponi Indian Reservation)

(804) 769-0041

Monacan Indian Nation (formerly Monacan Indian Tribe of Virginia)

(434) 946-0389

Nansemond Indian Tribal Association

Refer to website

Pamunkey Nation

Refer to website

Rappahannock Indian Tribe (formerly United Rappahannock Tribe)

(804) 769-0260

The Upper Mattaponi Indian Tribe (formerly Upper Mattaponi Indian Tribal Association)

(804) 769-0041