Transcript Policy

Order TranscriptsIn compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Bacone College does not release transcripts of a student’s work except upon written request. FERPA regulations also stipulate the request for an official transcript must be made in writing.

The request must include the student’s current address and the addresses where the transcripts are to be sent. Dates attended, birth date, social security number or graduation date is helpful. The transcript request must include your name as registered at Bacone. A handwritten signature of the student is required on transcript requests. Transcript request forms are available in the Registrar’s Office or the Bacone College website at

Faxed request for transcripts must include the students name, address, phone number, dates of attendance, where transcript is to be sent, VISA or Mastercard number, card expiration date, the CCID Code, authorization to allow Bacone College to put appropriate amount on credit card, and student signature. Fax: 918-781-7416.

Out of state students wanting to expedite processing may authorize a friend to come to the Registrar’s Office and pay for their transcript by faxing a note giving authorization and including SS#, address to be mailed, etc.

The Registrar’s Office does not issue or reproduce transcripts from other institutions. Requests for transcripts of work taken at other institutions must be directed to the institutions concerned.

A transcript will not be released if a student is considered to be in default on a student loan or if there are outstanding financial obligations to the college. We will notify the student of a financial “hold” and keep the request until the hold is released by the originating office or for 90 days, whichever comes first. If a hold is released within this time, the transcript will be sent. If the hold is not cleared within 90 days, we will void the request, and the student must submit a new request after all holds are released. In the event a student needs immediate service regarding their transcript, payment of the balance of their account should be made by money order, electronic funds transfer, or cashier’s check.

Bacone College reserves the right to change this policy, as we deem necessary at any time.

Official transcripts--the first five (5) transcripts will be issued without charge to current students within the calendar year; thereafter, $5.00 per transcript. Former students - $5.00 per transcript will be required before a transcript can be released. The transcript fee may be paid by cash, check, or money order. Bacone College also accepts debit/credit card payments for transcript orders that be paid directly to the Student Accounts office by calling 918-781-7211.

Transcript requests may be sent to: Registrar, Bacone College, 2299 Old Bacone Road, Muskogee, OK 74403, or faxed to 918-781-7416, or emailed to

The following timelines apply:
Official Transcripts: Official Transcripts are generally processed within 72 hours (higher demand periods may extend this time).

Scholarship Transcripts: Scholarship Transcripts are available for current students and are generally processed within 48 hours (higher demand periods may extend this time).

Scholarship Transcripts are issued regardless of balance with the following notation: This transcript is to be used solely for scholarship review purposes.

Scholarship Transcripts will be sent directly to scholarship agency and are not available for pick up.