Mission Statement

Bacone College, an independent institution related to the American Baptist Churches, USA, maintains its commitment to serving American Indians within a culturally diverse community. The college, through its baccalaureate and associate degree programs, challenges students to develop intellectual and social skills, spiritual values and healthy lifestyles by providing quality education in a nurturing Christian environment.

Institutional Education Goals

To fulfill its mission, the College has established education goals stipulating it will provide:

  1. Intellectually challenging baccalaureate and associate degree programs that include study in both professional programs and the arts and sciences.
  2. A core curriculum, which allows students to demonstrate critical thinking, computer proficiency, computational ability, and self-expression in writing and oral form in understanding and developing new ideas and presenting them to others.
  3. The opportunity for students to learn and live in a diverse cultural collegiate community.
  4. Emphasis and privilege in its curricular and co-curricular programs to the voice and culture of American Indians as represented in the College's students, staff, and faculty.
  5. The opportunity for students to experience personal and spiritual growth and to acquire knowledge of Christian values and perspectives.
  6. Academic and non-academic support services that facilitate student success.