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Beautiful and historical Wacoche Hall is an impressive location for everything from wedding receptions to workshops and seminars. Wacoche has a kitchen attached, and so catering by Sodexo is easy and carefree, too!

Wedding Prices and Contract (downloadable file)
For any other event, please contact the Office of Development at ext. 7216. 

Seating charts (downloadable file)


Inside this Collegiate Gothic-style building are three murals painted by Bacone students: “The Feast Ceremony” by George Kishketon, Kickapoo – a celebration of feasting, the singing of songs, and fellowship because of a successful hunt; “Ceremony of Fasting” – the enactment of the purification of the body of a young warrior venturing out upon his first war path - and “Prayer Attitudes” – procedures and attitudes of prayer during a ceremony of giving thanks to the “Great Spirit” - both by Calvin Larvie, Sioux.



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