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The Bacone College campus and its facilities are open to the public for weddings, receptions, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners and special events.

Our campus is beautifully landscaped, offering several locations to choose from to capture the “perfect picture” of your special day.From the initial planning stage to the completion of your event, we will assist you with each important detail.

Our goal is to help make your special day a successful one!

Select any one of the following options to learn more about the spaces at Bacone College: 

Catering:  When needing food and beverages for your event, please contact Joane Mclain, our Sodexo Catering Manager.  She can be reached at  (918) 781-7252 or at joanne.mclain@sodexo.com

Discounts may apply, please ask for details. Outside food and beverages are strictly prohibited. In addition to finalizing your menu, Joanne will also discuss all set-up needs for your reserved space and make arrangements with Sodexo to have the room set on the day of your event.

Audio/Video Equipment:  Please contact the Development office at ext. 7216  to order any piece of equipment that would not normally be included in the reserved space. If you are not sure if a room or facility has what you need, the Development Office will be able to answer your questions.

Audio/Video Tech Support:  The Office of Development offers this service for specialty or large-scale events. During the initial reservation process, the Development Office will help you determine if your event requires technical support. The Development Office will add your event to our Event schedule the same day your reservation is confirmed.  Two weeks prior to your event, the event coordinator will contact you to finalize all your specific audio/video needs.







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